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Exhibitor Resources and Planning at VSTE 2023

Exhibitors at VSTE’s Conference have the opportunity to conveniently review the pricing structure, booth setup options, exhibitor map, and even purchase their booth. By accessing these essential resources, exhibitors can plan their participation effectively, select the ideal booth location, and ensure a successful presence at the event. VSTE offers a streamlined process that enables exhibitors to make informed decisions and maximize their visibility to engage with educators and influential individuals in the field of educational technology.

A VSTE exhibitor speaking with a 2022 conference attendee.

Additional exhibitor registrations available at a discounted attendee rate.

An image of the VSTE 2023 Booth equipment

VSTE 2023 Booth Information

Each booth will be 10 ft. wide x 8 ft. deep and provided with:

  • 8 ft. high back wall drape *(blue/silver)
  • 3 ft. high side divider drape *(blue)
  • one 7 in. x 44 in. booth identification sign
  • one 2 ft. x 6 ft. skirted table *(silver)
  • two chairs
  • one wastebasket

The exhibit hall is carpeted in a floral patter. For your comfort and to better decorate your booth, carpet in a variety of solid colors is available for rental from Hollins.

*Colors may vary.

2023 Exhibit Hall Availability

Explore the up-to-date availability of exhibitor booths for the 2023 VSTE conference.

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