Kid Talks

The 4th Annual Kid Talks is an updated Poster Session but with the twist of having students leading the discussion and explaining one way technology is being used in their school to enhance the learning process. They are encouraged to create the “old fashioned” poster but also bring devices to share their Kid Talks.

This year the “Kid Talks” venue for the 2018 VSTE conference will be held Sunday, December 2, 2018, from 1:45 to 3:45, at The Virginia Beach Convention Center.

Teams will be comprised of a teacher and 3-5 students to share something they are doing to integrate technology that they are excited about! Kid Talks take place in an open venue that allows conference participants to browse and interact with the students.


Join us Sunday, December 2, as students demonstrate how technology that is…

  • creative
  • student centered
  • easy to implement
  • enhancing student learning
  • differentiating the SOLs

Interested in bringing a group of kids to be part of the Kid Talks? Contact Karen Richardson ( for more information.