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VSTE Poster & Innovation Station Sessions
Innovation Stations participants experiencing the use of virtual reality goggles.

The VSTE Innovation Station

The Innovation Station at the VSTE conference offers attendees a unique and interactive experience. The area is designed to provide increased opportunities for engagement with both content and presenters, located in an open, flexible space within the conference center. The focus of presentations is on hands-on, interactive experiences related to topics such as STEM, robotics, makerspaces, and virtual/augmented reality. The goal of the Innovation Station is to provide an engaging environment for attendees to explore innovative ideas and approaches in educational technology. For more information, contact the conference organizers (

The VSTE Poster Sessions

The annual VSTE conference offers an exciting opportunity to participate in the poster session, a platform where you can showcase your ideas, tools, and strategies in educational technology. Poster sessions are scheduled for Monday only and are displayed in an open area of the conference center. Each presenter will be provided with a bulletin board and a small table to display their poster. Attendees will be able to explore the exhibits, interact with presenters, and learn about innovative tools, strategies, and activities in educational technology. Presenters often bring a variety of manipulatives, demonstration materials, resources to distribute, and sample student work when appropriate. Poster sessions are a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, gain feedback on your work, and share your ideas with others in the field of educational technology. For more information, contact the conference organizers (

VSTE attendees interact with coding robots at the 2022 VSTE poster session.
A student holding a fan to activate his turbine generating electricity.

Kid Talks

The VSTE conference hosts a unique session known as KID Talks, where students deliver captivating presentations on various technology-related topics. These talks are crafted and delivered by students, with guidance from their teachers and mentors, and aim to demonstrate how technology can enhance classroom learning and creativity. The students cover a broad range of topics, including coding, robotics, video production, and digital storytelling. KID Talks are designed to inspire educators and provide them with innovative ideas to incorporate technology into their teaching practice.

Are you interested in showcasing your students? Use the contact us button below to express your interest. For more information, contact the conference organizers (

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